Prof. Essa M Abdulla founded ESSA LAB in 1987, after amassing a global experience in both leading and teaching in the field of Microbiology and Immunology in United States of America, Saudi Arabia and Libya. ESSA LAB had humble beginnings starting with a one room lab at a local hospital. Dr. Essa’s reputation, vision, dedication and sincerity to the health of patients, doctors and students became widespread as he burned the midnight oil to establish the laboratory from ground zero. Teaching was Dr. Essa’s forte, his “passion” and the Laboratory his “butter”. He started teaching in many medical colleges, including Sindh Medical College, Baqai Medical and Dental College, Fatima Jinnah and College of Physician and Surgeons and due to his knowledge and skills, his fame became wide spread and penetrated into the whole physician community. His students, community doctors and patients flocked into Dr. Essa’s office even in wee hours in the morning, utilize his knowledge of microbes and immunology, resulting in increased patients and increasing referrals from doctors.

Dr. Essa established a repute of a rapid turnaround reporting time in microbiology of 24 hours, where all the local labs reported Culture Sensitivity reports in 4-5 days. Pioneering in starting Typhi dot, even diseases like Chikungunya, Dengue tests even before the disease was discovered in Pakistan in anticipating of its start in the neighboring countries. Publishing research in many scientific journals and being quoted in textbooks of Microbiology and Immunology and having leading PHD’s under his wing, Dr. Essa is considered to be a world authority in his field.


To become a world-class healthcare training institution that provides healthcare professionals with a solid foundation and advanced learning opportunities which are carried out through well-constructed curriculum, enhanced by qualified faculty, lectures and hands-on laboratory training, culminating in a clinical internship, all in a supported and structured educational environment.


To be at the forefront of transforming the landscape and quality of healthcare delivery in Pakistan by providing a platform for unparalleled, state-of-the-art and globally recognized healthcare education, with a commitment to increase the number of qualified, professional healthcare workforce across the country.


Dr. Farah Essa is an accomplished Diagnostic Imaging & Ultrasound department leader and Clinical Faculty with deep expertise in best-practice scanning techniques for abdominal, Gynaecology, High Risk Obstetrics, breast, and soft tissue cases highly versatile with extensive credentials, including MBBS, RDMS, CARDUP, and CRGS coupled with a Master’s in Clinical Education. Clinical educator, radiology department leader and a multitalented personality. Dr Farah Essa is adept in designing and delivering training programs for students, residents, and clinicians.


We have exceptionally particular specialists with us in our team.


Dr. Khurram Essa

Director of Histopathology

Dr. Shaad Essa

Medical Oncology

Soma Zehra